Friday, January 27, 2012

Fitness Friday~ Cut the Excuses and Just Do It


What Excuses do you give to avoid exercise?

Here are my top 5 excuses...bale outs

*I'll get to it in a little bit
*I just don't have time today
*It's too hot/cold outside
*What will I do with my toddler?  No babysitter...
*I have a headache

Shame Shame Shame on me !  The truth is if you get up and get moving, make it a priority , and a part of ever day this is what will soon happen .

*You'll want to do it and won't wait for a little while.
*You'll make time in your day and evening
*The weather won't matter you'll enjoy that extra sweat / or chill in the air
*You will take your toddler with you or do a video at home
*Exercise will help with the headaches

Now folks who are we  kidding or making excuses to?  Either we want to be fit, we want to lose weight and live a healthy life or we do not.  No one is standing in our path except ourselves!  No one is going to do it for us.  If healthy is what we want it all begins with making healthy choices one day at a time.  It all begins about forgetting the excuses and Just Doing It.  

What tips do you have for losing weight?  Do you count calories?  If so do you use an app or anything to help you?  Here are two I find useful in keeping track of what I put into my mouth.  SparkPeople I actually began using this several years ago.  I found that it really helped me when I was working on weight loss.  Then I got pregnant , and pretty much slacked off with keeping track for a time.

Recently I began using My Fitness Pal.  It has been helpful when I used it.  It reminds me a lot of Spark People they have similarities anyway.  I haven't taken the time to really use every feature yet , but I have used it for a food journal / tracking.  I thought it was helpful.

My favorite new exercise this week is hoop abs.  Thanks to Power Cakes for sharing a how to video which was easy and helpful ! I have added these in this week.  My  Abs are feeling it too...Yeah!

What exercises have you tried this week? Anything new?  Tips for  a healthier lifestyle? Healthy snacks?   Share your thoughts we like them!!