Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ferris Wheel Circus Cake Tutorial


  • I made a batch of my favorite sugar cookie dough recipe.  I then rolled out two large cookies and two smaller cookies and baked them according to the recipe.
  • Ice the first large cookie and place it in the center of your cake plate ( I used two cardboard cake boards duct taped together)
  • Take large candy cane sticks and break them in half.  Place 6 sticks around the frosted sugar cookie.
  • Ice over the ends of the sticks and fill in the middle of the sugar cookie with more icing building it up.
  • Add your 2nd larger sugar on top of the first and ice it.
  • Now add the smaller sugar cookie on top of this one in the middle and ice it.
  • Then I added one Circus Big Top fondant cupcake topper from Cakes and Kids to the center of the smaller cookie.
  • Put red hots around in the circle of the larger cookie.
  • Make and Ice cupcakes.
  • Place one cupcake at the end of each candy cane stick.
  • In the center of each cupcake I placed a clown fondant cupcake topper from Cakes and Kids.


Do you make your own cakes? Have a post about them or a photo?  I'd love to see send me a link.  Or just leave me a comment on a favorite cake you have had/seen.

Fondant Cupcake toppers can be purchased at Cakes And Kids.
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