Sunday, January 8, 2012

BBQ Sauce gets a Thumbs UP


Have you tried Paula Deen's Barbecue Sauce?  We recently found it on the shelf at our local grocery store and had to test it out.  My Husband AKA Whitehead Grill Master decided to test this sauce on pork chops. Let me tell you MMM boy were they good.  I also threw some in the crock pot with chicken.  Not as good as the grill masters chops but still pretty darn tasty.

The Whitehead 5 all gave it a Thumbs up, we were all licking our chops.  

  Yummy  y'all !  If you are  looking for a new sauce give this one a try.

This is not a sponsored post.  No compensation was received in any way.  I tried this sauce and decided to tell you about it . These are my own opinions. Thank You.