Saturday, December 31, 2011

Florida Sunshine = vitamin D

Sometimes , it is just AWESOME being in Florida.  Why? It is Dec 31 today it's a nice warm 72 out. We spent our day in tank tops and shorts.  YEAH!  Outdoors and having fun the entire day. I even have the windows open and the house is airing out. LOVE it.

Today we played,exercised and then mommy chilled out in the lounge chair with a book soaking up the Vitamin D.  Love this Florida sunshine. 

Crazy wacky facts about vitamin D Did You know....

  • 40% of the US population is Vitamin D deficient

  • Obesitiy impairs the bodies use of Vitamin D

  • Vitamin D is a natural and powerful healer in your body and its Free you make it on your own...

  •  How did you spend your day?

    Wishing you all a safe and Happy New Year's Eve tonight. We'll be having a nice quite dinner and family movie night here at the Zoo.   A great start to 2012~

    Favorites from 2011

    2011 is coming to an end and I thought it would be fun to recap some of my favorite posts   (maybe not your favorites) 1 from each month this year with you =)  I have learned something new everyday since I began this blog.  My oh My how it has grown and changed.  Thanks for being with us in 2011 . I am so excited to see what 2012 will bring.

    Jan. ...Jan. 13 we shared was our first post for Whitehead's Zoo
      Peppermint Snow Dough

    Feb.   Story Time Gone Bad

    March: Dinosaur Play Date


    April: Painting with Cars


    May:  DIY Mason Jar Shelves


    June:  Recycled Robot

    July:  Painting with Water Guns


    Aug.  10 things my child has taught me

    Sept:  Flintstone's Car Tutorial



    Oct:  I am from...

    Nov:  30 Something Things I have Never Done


    Dec:  Cherry Cheese Pie recipe

    Friday, December 30, 2011

    Foto Friday Favorites for 2011


    This weeks Foto Friday theme is Resolution.  That was just not talking to me today, but I wanted to post just the same.  So, my theme for this week here at the Zoo is Favorite Foto Fridays for 2011.  The first time I linked up to Foto Friday was in April, so we will start there.

    April 's favorite from the theme "Looking Up"

    May's Favorite from the theme "On and On"

    June's Favorite from the theme "Action"

    July's Favorite from the theme " Red White and Blue"

    August Favorite from the theme "Black and White"
    September's Favorite from the theme "BOOKS"
    October's Favorite From the Theme "Machines"

    November's Favorite from the Theme"Morning Skies"

    December's Favorite from the Theme "Bridges"


    Thursday, December 29, 2011

    You Know Your A Mom When...

    • you can clean up vomit and remain cool and collected for your child  EEK!
    • being handed a turd or stepping in pee as you run to see what's the matter is no longer a surprise (potty training is so much fun ....mamas 2 be =)
    • You lock yourself in the bathroom for 5 minutes of peace and quite, telling your children do not disturb you NO matter what.  Only to have them sliding notes under the door "Mom I lost my brother??? " Ha  
    • a trip to McDonald's or the Chick-Fil-A playground suddenly sounds like a mini vacation , you'll get to sip a soda and your child will run around play 
    • Nap time might just be your favorite part of the day 
    • You get to town only to realize your jogging pants have bleach on them, your shirt doesn't match and you accidentally grabbed your husbands does that happen? OR...
    • You have a huge Cheetos hand print right on your boob (nice right) Guess what you will go in the store anyway who has time to run back home and change these days & maybe no one will notice?
    • Target, or Walmart are now your shopping destinations and you always visit the toy and clearance aisle 
    • You find yourself super excited about the newest Disney Movie =)something new to watch WooHOO!  Plus you already know every word to the current favorite movie at you house.  
    • You have decided the 5 second rule wont kill you and it might be a good thing
    • You don't flinch when your child spits out his food and places it on your plate at the dinner time.  You just keep right on eating around the grossness like nothing ever happened.
    • Picking boogers are an every day thing no biggie ... & just please don't eat them is every day conversation 
    • You often think maybe I should just record myself saying the same thing over and over and over again
    • You traded in your once loved red sports car for a Mom car and now you drive a minivan
    • a date with your husband seems like it would require a Fairy Godmother these days

    It may sound like I am complaining but being a Mom is definitely the greatest blessings of my life.  I love it grossness and ALL.

    Wednesday, December 28, 2011

    Wordless Wednesday with LINKY


    These sweet little fingers and toes definitely made our Holidays a little bit sweeter. 8lbs 9 oz. one healthy baby boy is here.

    Tuesday, December 27, 2011

    Pin It Tuesday ~

    Crazy About My Baybah

     Join Crazy About My BaybahMommy Head Adventuresand Crazy Cool with a Side of Crafty each Tuesday by linking up a post with your favorite Pinterest pins. There are no requirements on what you share, just share what you love or inspires you.

    This Week "Mama wants these" lovely items to help her along with the fitness journey.   What will you have to do to shed those extra holiday pounds?


    Source: via Amber on Pinterest

    AND some words of INSPIRATION for Mom...

    Source: via Amber on Pinterest

    Sunday, December 25, 2011

    Merry Christmas from the Zoo

    A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Zoo.  Wishing you and your families a very happy day. 

    Saturday, December 24, 2011

    Interview with Author Monica Leonelle & Kindle Fire Giveaway

    Boy do I have something exciting and fun for you today!    An author interview & a contest
    for a KINDLE FIRE...are you interested yet?      

    I had a chance to ask Monica Leonelle author of the new novel in the Seven Halos series Silver Smoke a few questions.  I'm excited to share with you just what Monica had to say.

    Who is your favorite author?  Do you feel like your writing style is similar?

    One of my favorite authors is CS Lewis, who write the Chronicles of Narnia. My writing style is not so similar but the Chronicles of Narnia definitely inspired my Seven Halos series (which Silver Smoke is the first book in). The similarities include that there are seven books in each, that there is a fantasy world (in my book, the fantasy world lives just under the surface of the real world) and that both books touch heavily on good and evil.

    What was your inspiration for this book?  How long did it take for the book to come together?

    Inspiration comes from everywhere; with Silver Smoke, I really wrote it a bit like a TV show, like The Vampire Diaries or The Secret Circle. There is a deep mythology that can be hard to keep track of at times, but it all comes together and makes sense by the end. The first book is a completed story arc on its own, but still such an introduction to the series-- readers definitely seem to want to know much more about the Hallows and the Nephilim. Luckily, there are 6 more books!

    Do you prefer to work alone or collaborate with others?

    I prefer to work alone... haha. I'm not opposed to working with others, but right now I have a lot of my own ideas and need to get them out in my own way. I think once I've honed my craft much more, I will be a better collaborator and more able to work with another author at my level to create something better than either of us could create on our own. The whole point of collaboration is that the sum of the parts is more than the parts themselves... right now, I worry that it could be less until I get a few more books under my belt.

    What is your favorite part of this book?

    I think my favorite part might be Rykken and Brie's relationship. It's really subtle and sweet. I think both characters have a lot of growing to do, but the initial chemistry and the seeds of a true, everlasting romance are there. That said, you can't count them paired yet. There are a few new characters in the upcoming books that stir things up.

    Monica Leonelle thank you for hanging out with us today at the Zoo and good luck with your new book!

     To celebrate the release of a new novel to the Seven Halos series, author Monica Leonelle is doing a Kindle Fire giveaway for Silver Smoke, the first novel in the series! Silver Smoke is the highly-rated (4.8 stars on Amazon) debut novel about the Hallows and the Nephilim, the descendants of archangels and humans. Here's a description of the book:


    Brie van Rossum has fame, fortune, and beauty, but there's one thing she doesn't have--the name of her mother's supernatural killer.
    The Hallows, descendants of the archangels, don't think Milena was murdered.. but can Brie trust them when their government, the New Order, wants her dead?

    She'd better figure it all out soon...

    ... because when Brie finds out who she really is, the hunt will begin.

    And Milena might not be the only casualty.

    Like mother, like daughter...

    Contest dates:

    December 15th thru December 31st (a little more than 12 days, but who's counting?)

    Easy ways to enter:

    1. (3 entries) Blog about this contest and forward a link to (see copy + paste instructions for the contest below)
    2. (3 entries each) Share a sentence about the book with your Facebook or Twitter followers, and include a link to the book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble (you pick). One entry per social media account per day during the contest. Forward a screenshot or link of your sentence+link to The links are available below:
    3. (10 entries each) Write an honest Amazon and/or B&N review of Silver Smoke and send a link to


    Grand Prize Winner: Kindle Fire (or cash-equivalent Amazon gift card)
    2nd Place (two winners): Kindle Touch (or cash-equivalent Amazon gift card)
    3rd Place (three winners): Kindle (or cash-equivalent Amazon gift card)
    Special Bloggers-Only Winner* (for blogger entrants - must enter via the web form): Kindle Fire (or cash-equivalent Amazon gift card)

    Winners will be selected using on January 1, 2012 and announced on How To Be An Author by January 2, 2012.

    *To enter the Bloggers-Only drawing (in addition to the regular drawing), you must forward a link to your post to AND add your name to this bloggers-only email list (not for promotional purposes... just an easy way to distribute promised items):

    GOOD LUCK Everyone!

    New at Sweet'n Tots


    Yeah , I get to share some exciting news with you all today.
     Sweet'n Tots has expanded.  They now not only have the wonderful edible cupcake and cake treats I've shared with you in the past.  They have a huge new selection of items perfect for gift giving!


  • Folded & Flat Note Cards with matching envelope stickers – Great thank you cards to send for the holiday gifts! We have our Valentine's Day cards, too. **(currently only available at our etsy shop: )

  • Placemats

  • Kids Dinnerware Sets with Plates and Bowls

  • Personalized Art Prints perfect for a nursery or kids bedroom

  • Sippy Cups & Aluminium Water Bottles

  • Kids Clothing: onesies, toddler shirts and baby bibs

  • Pillows, pillowcases, fleece blankets

  • Tote Bags



    SWEET'N TOTS is giving all of you 20% off  
    use promo code THANKS20 (must use all caps at checkout good on website or Etsy)

    Find Sweet'n Tots at 

    If you drop by I'd love it if you mentioned the Zoo sent you by ! 
    If you order something feel free to leave me a comment here all about it!  I love your comments.

    Disclosure: Living at the Whithead's Zoo did not receive compensation for this post.
    These are our own opinions.

    12 Pearls of Christmas Day 11

    Welcome to
    the 12 Pearls of

    Enjoy these Christmas "Pearls of Wisdom" from some of today's most beloved writer's
    (Tricia Goyer, Suzanne Woods Fisher, Shellie Rushing Tomlinson, Sibella Giorello and
    more)! Please follow the series through Christmas day as each contributor shares heartfelt
    stories of how God has touched a life during this most wonderful time of the year.

    AND just for fun ... there's also a giveaway! Fill out this
    simple {form} and enter for a chance to win a beautiful pearl
    necklace and earring set ($450 value). Contest runs 12/14 - 12/25 and the winner will on
    1/1. Contest is only open to US and Canadian residents. You may enter once per day.

    If you are unfamiliar with Pearl Girls™, please visit and see what we're all about. In
    short, we exist to support the work of charities that help women and children in
    the US and around the globe. Consider purchasing a copy of Pearl Girls: Encountering
    Grit, Experiencing Grace
     or one of the Pearl Girls products (all GREAT gifts!) to help support Pearl Girls.

    The Panhandler's Breath

    By Robin Dance

    He slipped in sideways between the closing elevator doors, as if he were late to a
    meeting; he pressed the "5" without looking. Instead of suit and tie, though, baggy pants
    and faded navy hung on his tall, slim frame...and his stealth entry stiffened the hairs on
    the back of my neck.

    I had noticed him a few seconds earlier, just after we had parted a sea of clamorous teens.
    He was smiling, grandfatherly, standing maybe 30 feet away where the electric shuttle
    picks up.

    I had no idea he had been watching us, studying us, predator patiently awaiting his next

    The four of us were sealed in a four- by six-foot metal tomb. Tomb--that thought really
    scampered across my mind. I wondered if he had a knife in his pocket. I wanted to
    protect my son. Fight or flight pumped adrenaline but there was no where to run.

    Extreme and ridiculous, these thoughts - and more - flashed through my mind. The
    Stranger began speaking.

    "Yessir, I see you're a family man with your wife and your son here..." and he nodded in
    my and my son’s direction.

    " see I'm homeless and all I've got..." and on queue, he reached into his left pocket
    and pulled out two old pennies blackened with age. Two cents to his name?! It was all too
    contrived, too practiced, and I didn't believe a word he was saying.

    It was then I smelled it ~ the small space lent itself to that ~ and I doubted my doubt.

    His breath.

    It wasn't the scent of alcohol. His eyes weren't red, his voice didn't waver; his wizened
    face matched his graying hair.

    His breath was morning's, zoo breath, the pet name I'd given to the scent inhaled when
    kissing my children awake when they were little.

    He needed to brush his teeth. I wondered how long it had been since he brushed his

    The elevator door opened and I handed him my leftover pizza as my son and I brushed
    past him. My husband handed him a bill and the Stranger thanked and God blessed

    The elevator door closed behind us. Conflicted, I was relieved.

    We got in the car and blurted first reaction--

    "I didn't believe a word he said."

    "That made me nervous."

    "I wonder if he'll really eat the pizza."

    In the quiet, we were left to our own thoughts, contemplating the right thing to do. At the
    end of the day, this is what I decided: It doesn't matter whether or not his story is true; for
    an old man to resort to begging, he has to be desperate. The money my husband gave him
    will never be missed. It was a reminder we've been entrusted with much and given much.

    Materially, yes, but more so spiritually. Loved, chosen, forgiven, redeemed, graced,
    lavished--every spiritual blessing. E v e r y.

    There's a part of me that wishes I would have been brave enough to ask the man
    his story, made sure he knew he was loved...and bought him a tooth brush.

    Later, it occurred to me he could have been an angel. Doesn’t that mean generosity,
    kindness and hospitality is always the right response? Then it's not about you or the
    stranger or the circumstance, it's about a simple, God-glorifying response.

    Had we entertained an angel unaware? We'll never know.

    But it wouldn't be the first time the Breath of Heaven smelled like a zoo.

    In a decades-old, scandalous affair with her husband, Robin also confesses mad
    crushes on her three teens. As Southern as sugar-shocked tea, she’s a recovering people
    pleaser who advocates talking to strangers. A memoirist, Compassion International
    Blogger, and Maker-upper of words, Robin writes for her own site,
    PENSIEVE, and also for (in)courage by
    DaySpring (a subsidiary of Hallmark) and Simple Mom. She loves to get to know
    readers through their blog comments and on Twitter and Pinterest.

    Friday, December 23, 2011

    Foto Friday "Red & White"


    Foto Friday and the theme is



    CHERRY CHEESE PIE  Recipe  here

    What holiday goodies are you making? 

     ONE of my very very favorites!  Happy Holidays from the Zoo!  link up at  La-La's Home Daycare

    Cherry Cheese Pie

    cherry cheese pie

    Cherry Cheese Pie

    I'm sure many of you know how to make this pie already.  My Mom has made this as long as I can remember and it is a family favorite at our house.  Even my little Mr. loves IT. 


    Graham Cracker Crust
    8 Oz cream cheese
    Cool Whip
    1 can of cherry pie filling

    Mix the cool whip and cream cheese together and spread it over your pie crust.  Spread pie filling over that and your done easy peasy.  You can use different pie filling but our families favorite is cherry.

    To make a lower fat version of this pie substitute fat free cool whip, cream cheese and sugar free pie or light syrup pie filling.

    Thursday, December 22, 2011

    Triple Action Purex New Laundry Detergent


    One of the things I love about blogging is the many doors it has opened for me.  I love trying new products.  Many times I get to try out something I might not generally buy and end up loving it.  As a Purex Insider I sometimes get to try out laundry products. This is a big plus for me, we have mountains of laundry in this home which requires us to use mountains of laundry detergent.  I am always on the look out for detergents that do an even better job, or make my job as a Mom easier.

    PhotobucketPurex is rolling out the new Triple Action formula across the entire liquid detergent line.  The new and improved Triple Action formula delivers even better on Purex's promise to leave your clothes bright, white and clean .

    The new Purex Triple Action laundry detergent has been specifically formulated to work in both traditional and High Efficiency washers.   

    As a Mom getting the best value for my laundry detergent, but getting a detergent that gets the job done is important to me.  As a family of 5 we have a lot of laundry each week. We also have very energetic active children.  Ex specially our boys! 

    Getting their clothes clean is important to me.  I am constantly battling clay from the baseball field, food stains, grass stains, just plain dirt you name it.  Mama's I am sure  you know what I am talking about.  I want to be able to tell that our clothes are clean when I take them out of the wash.  For me the signs of a good detergent are one that leaves a nice strong scent, and one that gets out the dirt and grime from our play. 

    I tried out the Purex Triple Action Mountain Breeze laundry detergent.  I found that the scent was nice and refreshing and am quite pleased with the way it lingers in our clothing.  I have not yet tested it on our toughest stains, those from the baseball field , but as soon as our season begins you bet I will be.  Our everyday dirt and grime comes right out and this Mama is finding she likes this new laundry detergent . It definitely got chocolate milk stains right out no extra stain treatment needed.   Thank You Purex!


    Disclosure:  Purex provided a Free Sample of their Triple Action Laundry detergent so that I could write a review.  However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own !

    Wednesday, December 21, 2011

    Wordless Wednesday with Linky

    Wishing you all Happy Holidays this Wordless Wednesday!


    12 Pearls of Christmas Day Day 8

    Welcome to
    the 12 Pearls of

    Enjoy these Christmas "Pearls of Wisdom" from some of today's most beloved writer's
    (Tricia Goyer, Suzanne Woods Fisher, Shellie Rushing Tomlinson, Sibella Giorello and
    more)! Please follow the series through Christmas day as each contributor shares heartfelt
    stories of how God has touched a life during this most wonderful time of the year.

    AND just for fun ... there's also a giveaway! Fill out this
    simple {form} and enter for a chance to win a beautiful pearl
    necklace and earring set ($450 value). Contest runs 12/14 - 12/25 and the winner will on
    1/1. Contest is only open to US and Canadian residents. You may enter once per day.

    If you are unfamiliar with Pearl Girls™, please visit and see what we're all about. In
    short, we exist to support the work of charities that help women and children in
    the US and around the globe. Consider purchasing a copy of Pearl Girls: Encountering
    Grit, Experiencing Grace
     or one of the Pearl Girls products (all GREAT gifts!) to help support Pearl Girls.

    Enjoy the Ride!

    Susan May Warren

    We sit poised on the top of a cliff, a near drop off before us, that falls to a rushing river.
    In the middle, a bridge of snow and ice hints at our destination. My husband guns the
    snowmobile engine. “Ready?”

    Ready? For a face plant into a tree, maybe reconstructive surgery? To feel my stomach
    ripped from my body as we plummet down the mountain? Let’s do it!

    We live on five acres of woods in northern Minnesota that butts up to a national forest.
    Hence, our backyard is about a hundred thousand acres. Aside from harboring deer, lynx,
    fox, cougar and bear, it also makes excellent snowmobile terrain. And not long ago, Mrs.
    Claus gave her Santa a snowmobile for two.

    I love snowmobiling. Flying over the snow, catching air over drifts. I love to drive, to be
    at the helm of the beast as I weave around trees and over hill and dale, my husband sitting
    behind me. I also love riding behind my husband as he drives, feeling those powerful
    arms as he’s muscling the snowmobile into the wilds. We follow unknown trails, driven
    by a Magellan spirit, hoping that we have enough gas to get us back to civilization. I
    love hanging on, simply trusting him, knowing that wherever he’s taking me, he’s going

    But there are times, when I see where he’s taking me, and I just have to bury my head in
    his back. Like straight down a cliff.

    However, my heart cheers, despite the terror as we gun it down the hill, over the river, up
    the opposite side. And, if we hadn’t let ourselves go, we would have never discovered the
    beauty of a winter river, a hidden jewel buried deep in the forest. Nor the exhilaration of
    facing the challenge together.

    Further on, we find an enchanted forest of towering white pine. Catch a view of Lake
    Superior, discover an old cabin in the woods.

    It occurs to me that snowmobiling is much like my spiritual life. Occasionally, I drive,
    and it’s me setting our course, weaving through the trees, getting us hopelessly lost. But
    when God takes the “wheel” and I hang on, trusting Him for the speed and destination, I
    see the scenery. I trust him to keep me safe. I trust him to bring me home, where there is
    an eternal supply of hot chocolate.

    As Christmas season becomes more hectic, what if I let God drive?  Maybe
    everything doesn’t have to be perfect, and maybe I don’t have to control every tradition,
    every holiday nuance. What if I just held on for the ride?

    I’ll bet I’ll still get there, and I might even enjoy the scenery along the way.

    How have you let go, and “enjoyed” the scenery of this hectic, exhilarating
    Christmas season?

    Merry Christmas!

    Susan May Warren is the RITA award-winning author of thirty novels with
    Tyndale, Barbour, Steeple Hill and Summerside Press.  A four-time Christy

    award finalist, a two-time RITA Finalist, she’s also a multi-winner of the Inspirational
    Readers Choice award, and the ACFW Carol Award.  A seasoned women’s
    events speaker, she’s a popular writing teacher at conferences around the nation and
    the author of the beginning writer’s workbook: From the Inside-Out: discover, create
    and publish the novel in you!.  She is also the founder of, a story-crafting service
    that helps authors discover their voice.

    Tuesday, December 20, 2011

    EXTRA 120 Day Get Fit

    PhotobucketThis is the season for indulgence.  Christmas cookies, holiday candies and all of the sweet goodies that are part of the season.  If your not careful you will gain 10 pounds over the holidays.  Indulge wisely so you are not filled with regret later.

    Extra Dessert Delights® gum is the perfect ammo to have on hand as an easy alternative to high calorie snacks, and now they're offering even more ways to bring everyone a little more support during these crucial times. With the 120-Day Get Fit Giveaway, fitness buffs and gum chewers alike can enter once a day to win unique fitness-focused prizes that will help keep your New Years' resolutions on track. From now until March 29th, 2012, you can visit for daily prize giveaways and the chance to win the Grand Prize- a fitness adventure trip to Red Mountain Resort in Utah. Prizes change daily, so entrants should be sure to check back each day to see what the fun new prize will be.

    Here's what to do to ENTER daily for these great prizes.

    Buy A Pack of EXTRA
    Have a game code? Enter it now
    Extra is giving away great prizes daily (from tandem bikes to personal chefs that's a lot of great ways to stay fit)
    Every time you play you are entered to WIN the grand prize sweepstakes

    TWEET this: I just learned about the #120GetFitGiveaway @aawhitehead  Can't wait to enter and WIN

    Are you super excited?  I know I am, I would love to win some new fabulous fitness prizes and I actually do like this gum.  I'm not  a big fan of gum usually but this gum is delightful.  The apple pie flavored gum is a hit with my family.

    FIND EXTRA on Facebook

     "Disclosure: I was entered for a chance to win a gift card in exchange for this post.  No monetary exchange took place."

    Our Footprints On the World Guest

    I am a Christmas Guest over at Our Footprints On The World Today.   Sharing a little bit of our Christmas traditions.  If you have a minute drop in and check out my post and visit Kelly-Marie's
    lovely blog.

    Pinterest Tuesday

    I get to do a newborn photo shoot this week and I can't wait.  I was looking for some inspiration and of course Pinterest is the place to go when inspiration is needed.
    Crazy About My Baybah

    Source: via Amber on Pinterest

    Last ONE

    Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

    Small Business Express is under way!

    Monday, December 19, 2011

    Choo Choo Small Business Express ready to roll

    The Giveaway Train
    Do you like to save money AND have a great chance at winning some amazing prizes? Well I do and I have found that entering contests to win great prizes is an easy way to pay for Christmas!! I have gathered some friends and we are all offering super prizes on our sites. We are part of the Giveaway train. This Week we are featuring Small Businesses on the Train and they each have a prize to offer!

    One lucky Train rider will WIN it all!!

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    Instructions to ENTER

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    3) Work your way through the links, entering contests at each blog as you go. These contests each have their own rules and end dates.

    4) The Giveaway Train ends THURSDAY 12/22 at 11:59 pm EST. A winner will be selected by

    Think of it like this: your trip starts on my website. You get off the train at some amazing and wonderful sites where you will enter to win great prizes. Then you end up at your final destination, enter to win the Grand Prize and voila your journey is over until next week! It's not mandatory to enter at each site but you'll be entering some amazing prizes at each 'station' and increasing your chances to WIN the grand prize.

    The amazing Blogs participating in the train this week are:

    Slop Swap

    Madame Deals

    Freebies, Sweeps, and Deals

    Formula Mom

    Go Momma Coupons

    Couponing to be Debt Free

    Klippin' Krazy Koupons

    Heavenly Savings

    Moms Saving Money

    Sweeping Me

    Freebie Spot


    Taking Time for Mommy

    Deal Hunting Diva

    Tales From the Nursery

    Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink

    Meg's Moxie

    November Sunflower

    Utah Coupon Deals

    Have Kids Will Coupon


    Living at the Whiteheads Zoo

    The Maven of Social Media

    The Coupon Girl

    Money Savvy Michelle

    Crazy About Deals

    Susan's Disney Family

    Sason and Pobi

    The Interrupting Cow

    Rainy Day Pennies

    (If you would like to sponsor our Train, “Hop Aboard!” and contact Amee or Heather at for details.)