Sunday, December 11, 2011

Join me on a journey ~ a fitness journey ~

I'm super excited to announce I will be a new FitFluential Ambassador.  I'm really excited about this.  Why?  I'm super excited, because I need the motivation to get myself moving in the right direction.  I know that fitness is something I want to achieve just getting there for me is a 5 steps forward 10 steps backward kind of game.  I know that I do much better with reinforcements , so I'm really looking forward to sharing the journey with all of you.

I was never the athletic girl.  Sports are just well not kind to me.  I'm not really graceful , clumsy would be more like it.  My children definitely got their athletic genes from their Dad. 

Weight loss is one of those things like so many others I struggle with.  Why is when you hit 30 something everything decides to stick .   Where did my metabolism go?  I have an up and down weight thing going on my entire life it seems like.  Being way up at the moment and setting the NEW Years Resolution now to get it back off. 

Let's see where do I begin my Fitness story?  I'm a Mom of 3.  After my first daughter 15 years ago, lost the weight and then came baby 2.  Lost most of the weight but a couple of baby pounds stuck around.  After many years of trying to have baby #3 I had a miscarriage that left me crushed.  Not long after that I was diagnosed with cancer and began chemotherapy at 28.  After taking several months of steroids and other prescription drugs I had again put on some pounds.

 After chemo, and that fight I went back to work full time.  My work began the year with a weight loss challenge.  Everyone paid a $2a week and weighed in. $1 each week went to the weeks biggest loser, and the second $1 went into the weight loss pot.   At the end of the school year the one who had lost the highest  percentage of body fat would win the pot!   This competitive process really worked for me.  Plus I had two great sweat sisters (walking buddies) who were competing right along beside me.  We walked every single day at least 3 miles a day if not more.  I lost a little over 40 lbs Whoop!  and I felt AWESOME.

 Then guess what ~ after almost 10 years of trying for baby 3, giving up on the thought altogether we ended up pregnant.  I did pretty well during this pregnancy and did not gain the huge 40 lbs that I gained in my first pregnancy.  I gained just at 20 lbs like my Dr. recommended.  After he was born I started out doing well with the whole weight loss, work out thing.  But I was staying at home and by myself most of the time and the pounds began to creep back on , and basically we end up at where we are today.  Needing to lose some extra pounds, and needing the mommy time a workout can bring!
Here we are today and I'm excited to share fitness with you and encourage you to jump in 2012 and begin your own fitness journey!  Where are you at on your journey ?  In need of some work , in the best shape ever?  I'd love to hear all about it , tips and tricks whatever you'd like to share leave me a comment.

Thank You Fit Fluential for bringing me on board!