Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday~ Playground Etiquette

Playground Etiquette: What do you do when another child is pushing, hitting, kicking, or hurting/bullying your child at the playground?

Honestly, It just depends on the situation and if I know the parent or not.  A lot of times I find the teacher coming out in me and being like NO you don't do that or correcting the behavior.   Often you correct a child and they just keep on doing it so we usually remove ourselves from the area and go have fun somewhere else. 

We had a situation with C where he was the hitter.  He wasn't hitting to be aggressive so much but he would run up to this one little boy and hit him usually to get his attention or grab him to drag him around like he drags us around and the other little boy didn't like it.  It was a problem.  I told the little boys  Mom to have her little boy hit him back and she did not want to do that.  Eventually, she did tell him to hit him , and he did . Then we had this whole thing where he would run up and hit C and yell I hit him I hit him.  Then they whole back and forth hitting . So, not sure that was the best advice to give.  It didn't teach C not to hit him back at all.  He thought it was a game .   We usually just end up leaving if he can not play nicely. 

C is not timid in the least hes a  bit of a wild cat and if you wallop him one I guarantee he will you back and he's pretty strong seriously.  He has a 13 year old brother he wrestles around with after all, big sister and don't forget Dad.  Honestly,  he's been my tough guy since the first breath he took.

How do you handle the playground battles, any tips?

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