Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday ~ Hair Cut Help

This weeks topic:
How do you get your toddler
 to sit still for a haircut?

Hehe goodness me we need help in this area.  Up until about age 2 we did well with hair cuts.  I was tickled pink and thinking Yay, this is not a problem he does such a good job.  Boy did I ever jinx myself.  My child has a ton of hair that grows fast, and is thick.  He is also blessed with a Mama who does not cut hair what so ever no way.  He really needs a hair cut at least every two weeks if not more often.  We put that off though, because he HATES it now.  From the time he turned 2 its like someone turned him on his head and said little boy now you must scream when the Dr. looks in your ears and you get a hair cut. 

Here is what it is like during a hair cut.  Ouch Ouch OY Mama Mama help every snip of the way and LOUD.  Then when that isn't getting him what he wants he begins to Achoo.  Not sure why he thinks sneezing will save him but he pretends to achoo over and over until all of the nice ladies in the hair shop are cracking up laughing.  Then once he is all finished if big brother gets a turn he yells for him too .  Hopefully, we out grow this stage and soon!  Nothing like your toddler yelling Help at the top of his lungs in the beauty shop. 

I can't wait to read your suggestions maybe you can give us a winning tip?  We are way over due for a haircut.  Specially since Mama had to cut paint out of someones hair this week. 

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Next weeks topic will be:
Playground Etiquette: What do you do when another child is pushing, hitting, kicking, or hurting/bullying your child at the playground.

Suggested Topic:  How do keep your toddler out of the Christmas tree/decorations?