Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thing's I've never Done

30 something things I have never done
(the 30 something would come from being ergh 30 something who needs an
exact number?)


 I have never flown on an airplane
Never been on a cruise or visited another country.

Been deep sea fishing or caught that one huge catch.
Never drove a race car.
Never  climbed the top of a volcano.
Never had Twins.
Never had coffee with my lover in Paris.
Never tamed a Tiger.
Never had a kiss under a water fall
Source: via Amber on Pinterest
Never  zip lined through the rain forest.
Never had a Nanny.
Never won the lottery.
Never been scuba diving.
Never been on a sailboat.
Never tried sushi.
Never  gotten a tattoo although I did go with someone who got one and she didnt make it look fun.
Never made a list like this.
Never kissed a frog.
Never egged to toilet papered a house.
Never taken a trip in a hot air balloon , but I think they are so neat!
Never Bet on a horse,
Never Been to the races
Never been to Vegas or the Grand Canyon
Never had plastic surgery
Never broken a bone
Never water skied and I'm a Florida girl lol.
Never owned an iPhone
Never been to Zumba or Spin Class
Never changed my own flat tire, oil or any of that
Never had braces
Never had upper body strength so sad
Never been in a limo

OK wasn't this a lot of fun.  Stay tuned for a future post on 30 Something Things I have Done.
This post was inspired by Mama Kat's Writers Workshop.