Friday, November 25, 2011

Sharing Fyrflyz at ToysRUs

I must admit when I first checked out my Fyrflyz  I was NOT sure at all about it.  Then we took it to Toys'R'Us to play with while waiting in the Black Friday Line.  Miss Delanie went along so she could twirl it, and do tricks and show it off.  It was GREAT fun.  People were asking about it, Delanie Loved it .  It is really neat when you in the dark and you get it spinning and making fun shapes and designs.  It kept her good and busy!  And Miss Delanie even got to be on the News twirling her Fyrflyz in line how cool was that!   Plus it can be purchased for under $10.  You can find them near the Nerf section in stores.  It's the new Yo-Yo of the millennium and the Whitehead's Zoo gives it a high 5! 



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Disclosure:  I received a free product as part of a promotional program with Mom Select and Fyrflyz.