Friday, November 25, 2011

My House Would Be Clean If...

  • it was empty ...
  • if my children lived with Nana
  • if my husband stayed at work
  • if my pets moved to the zoo
  • if the dishes would just wash themselves
  • and the clothes would just put themselves away
  • if the broom and the mop danced around the house to hip hop
  • and the vacuum drove itself
  • if I lost my laptop
  • and the cable was out
  • if there were no libraries
  • if the toys picked themselves up
  • and the shoes tapped to the closet themselves
  • the sock fairy picked up every ones socks
  • and...  the dustpans chased after the mop and the broom
  • if the beds made themselves
  • if only if...
  • my house would be clean if?