Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Sponsor Spotlight ~ Joan's Gems

Joan's Gems Etsy Shop

Joan's Gems features handmade beaded and wire jewelry and wire art creations. 

This little store has all kinds of fun stuff .  Bubble wands, bracelets, book marks, ornaments.  Definitely a great shop to visit for stocking stuffers and unique gifts here at the Holidays. 

Joan's Gems has sent the Zoo a bubble wand for our Holiday event and I can't tell you enough how cool  it is.  Not flimsy like the wands you get when you buy bubbles but well made and cute too! 
These whimsical wands make loads of bubbles. Dip the wand into bubble soap and wave it in the air to make huge clusters of bubbles just like the kids in the photo are making. No need to blow on the wand - easy for young kids to use. Each wand comes with a recipe card to make your our homemade bubble soap. The bubble wand is wire-wrapped, accented with beads within the design and has a hand-painted wooden handle. At the bottom of the wand is a bead enclosed in wrapped wire for an extra touch of whimsy!  I think you and your child would have loads of fun with these bubble wands.  Bubbles are always a go to activity here ! 

These small wands sell for $7.95 and can be purchased here.  They also come in a variety of sizes and different colors.  Bubble wands are also available in different shapes like stars, and hearts.   I just think these are the coolest so check them out!

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