Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Embarrassing Parenting Moment

Another embarrassing parenting moment....

The other day we were watching a friends little girls soccer game.  Some parents who also had a child playing gave C a soccer ball to play with while we watched the game.  He was acting pretty shy not going anywhere near the other parents when I see him throw his hand up over his face like  he's hiding himself and dart between the couples chairs. I mean that little boy was scooting too.  I turn to see just in time him make off with the mans Yoohoo juice box  and yell NOOO!

Which brought him running back to me to hide under my chair upset.  It really was one of those situations that was pretty hilarious.  Luckily for me the people thought it was funny and were totally cool about my child making off with their drink.  They even had a cooler full and gave him one.  Which put a quick stop to the tears of my sneaky little boy. 

Do you have an embarrassing parent moment to share?  I'd love to hear about it share it here!