Monday, November 14, 2011

Driving Lessons...

Teaching a teenager to drive.  I'm not sure this thought ever crossed my mind when beginning my journey as a parent.  You think of diapers and feedings and staying up all night.  What this little person will become one day but do you ever think of driving with them on those first days of parenting? 

As we embark on this adventure together mother and daughter I recall my own driving lessons with Dad, and my Grandma.  One in particular which my dad told me NEVER EVER swerve to miss a dog  or animal and endanger yourself.  He was worried I'd panic and swerve and hit another car or something to save the animal.  One afternoon after this we were driving along and there was a poor dog in the road.  I looked over at Dad gritted my teeth closed my eyes and plunged ahead.  So, sad I was fixing to take out this poor dog.   I slowed down as if that would not hurt him quite as bad.  My dad just of course reached over nudged the wheel a bit and I went right around the dog thank goodness.  We have laughed over this many times since. 

When this adventure began to near I did not think I would take on this job driving teacher let Dad do it.  But Dad is at work and I want her to get as much practice as possible before she hits the road on her own (cringe) .  I want to know that she is well prepared for what is to come so guess what driving teacher I am.  The poor passenger arm rest may not be with us much longer as I grip it to no end on our drives but that's OK. . Do I really think that arm rest is going to save us? 

Driving slowly so slowly that 10 cars trail behind us ...ouch we need a sticker student driver please go around lol.  Or how about the day she took the curve a little to fast and I saw my life flash before my eyes.  The day she realized the stop light was turning red as she went under it so she stopped IN the MIDDLE of the road (we've gotten a laugh or two over this one).  So, far we have survived thank you Lord and she has improved 100 X over.  You have to cringe a little bit though when you are riding along and your chauffeur ask am I on the right side of the road? 

What about you do you have a teenager driving, a story to share?  I'd love to hear about it leave me a comment.