Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Clean Teen Reads ~ Review

Clean Teen Reads is a website created by a mom for parents and teens .  The website reviews young adult books and lets you know if there is content you possibly would not want your child to read or run across.Clean Teen Read provides detailed reviews for teens and tween ages (10-18).

Clean Teen Reads  does not recommend books that have premarital sex, other sexual content, extreme violence, extreme nudity, overly super natural experiences etc. The site is divided into a Parent and a Teen section. The reviews and ratings in the Parent section include"spoilers," specific details about the story that could ruin a reader's enjoyment of the book. The reviews and ratings in the Teen section don't include spoilers. The Parent section also includes reviews of books that aren’t recommended, books that are questionable and books recommended for mature teens.

What I think ~ As a parent of two teenagers I do feel that we as parents need to keep a close eye on them.  Let's face it they can find trouble without even meaning to find it.  My daughter reads all of the time and honestly I do not filter what she reads.   My son is not a big reader.  He doesn't love it the way my daughter does.   I think Clean Reads Teen would be a good tool for us.

My son can use the site to read other teens reviews,  and perhaps find a book he finds interesting or not pick one he will not.  That could even be a huge time saver , preventing him from beginning a book he will not finish.   My daughter reads all of the time and can pretty much read anything you put in front of her.  She has a variety of different genres she prefers.  I think she could use Clean Teen Reads to share some of her own opinions about the books she reads.  She often turns me onto or off of a series and she could use this to do the same for others.  My daughter enjoys helping others and works with a friend who does not share her passion for reading.  I believe she could also use Clean Teen Reads to search for books her friend would possibly enjoy also. 

From a teachers perspective I think it would be great for parents to have the option of searching reading levels .  After working with children who have had difficulty in reading this would be a great tool for parents to keep their children on track and help them choose books they can complete on their own.  Many times a child will pick books to difficult for themselves.  This allows parents to guide them in the right direction.  Searching by reading level is an option available to subscribers.

I also think as parents that we ourselves know the maturity of our child and how much or little information they can handle.  If we have a child that would react to bad language , or other content in a book in a negative way this website will give you the ability to filter that information.  You will  be able to search the various categories and choose a book that fits both you and your child's taste.

If you are looking for  a way to know more about a book before you child reads it this might be a good fit for you. Teens and tweens do not need a subscription or registration to access the teen section of the site. Parents must register for FREE to have entry into the parent review section.  The Subscriptions to Clean Teen Reads are $12 a year and includes a book exchange program option for ($10 additional $) and additional search options.  Subscribers will also have access to parent reviews.


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