Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ashes , Ashes, by Jo Treggiari ~ a book review

My daughter told me to read this one.  She is reads all of the time and every now and then she recommends a book or two for old Mom. 

Small pox, floods, droughts, sixteen year old Lucy is on her own after the plague takes her family.  The world as she has known it is over.  New York City is ever shifting, out of control and Lucy must survive in the Wilds on her own. 

A pack of vicious hounds begins to hunt Lucy and she does not know why.  An army of sweepers terrorize those who have survived the plague.  They seem to be hunting for something but what no one knows.  They charge into camps and taker survivors and leave with them in white vans. 

Lucy meets a boy named Aiden who rescues her from the hounds and seems to be watching her.  When her home she has lived in for the past year is destroyed by a tsunami she has know choice but to seek him out in his camp.  There she  finds companionship, and lots of work.  A romance begins to brew between Lucy and Aiden.  A girl from the camp who thought Aiden was hers instantly dislikes Lucy.   Aiden, Lucy decide it is up to them to save the children from the sweepers and an escape is planned.  A trap is set and Lucy and Aiden fall right into it.  You'll have to read book to find out what happens NEXT.  Definitely a good read for young adults.  Jo Treggiari writes with mystery, suspense, romance and shows a character full of courage and bravery and survival!