Thursday, November 24, 2011

30 Days to Hands on Play Week 2

We're part of the 30 day play challenge ~ pick a challenge or create your own and play at least 15 minutes of uninterrupted play with you child. We are actually way behind with our posting .. we keep spreading germs over here at the Zoo. The first part of the month C was sick and this past week I have been sick. Excuses Excuses..

You can find our week 1 of play time challenges here

Now on to week 2 ~ are you ready for some fun challenges or what?

Challenge 8 ~ WATER play our water play came rather unexpectedly . I was actually in the kitchen cooking and had set the measuring cup full of water out on the counter. My guy grabbed it and poured into one of his play pots then wanted more. I let him have a tea pitcher 1/2 full of water, the measuring cups and pots and let him practice pouring back and forth. What I didn't count on was him getting tired of it and dumping the entire pitcher of water into the floor and on Mom. Why on Earth didn't I see that one coming.  Any kind of water play is a hit at our house!

Challenge 9 ~  Sensory Tub Play ...sensory tub play is some of my favorite because I get to come up with the ideas for the tubs.  For this activity we played with shaving cream.  My guy loves to play with it in the bath tub and that is just what we did he paints and smears and all that good stuff . 

past sensory activities include:  frozen dinosaur landpond sensory tub

PhotobucketChallenge 10~ Mixing Concoctions   I let him mix up cupcakes for this .  Sometimes I have let him mix stuff in the kitchen we've done the baking soda and vinegar reactions in the past but he doest really seem to care for it.  He likes the shakers in the kitchen to shake salt, sugar , spices out.  Anyway , for this challenge we made cupcakes.  I gave him the whisk, spoon, let him crack the eggs add the ingredients etc.  Things were going good until he realized he could pick up the whisk and have it sling shot cupcake batter across the kitchen.  Ha.  My little wild man love him so.  Missing some batter and all we ended up with a dozen yummy cupcakes and some funny memories.

Challenge 11~  Outdoor Adventure  for this adventure we had a little picnic on top of the play fort .  A beautiful day and we had the best time!  Should definitely do that more often!

Challenge 12~   Field trip ~ for this challenge we had a play day in the hay field the hay had just been cut and it makes for great play jumping hay bales using them for slides and just running in that big open field.  Plus Mom gets to take some cute pictures.

Challenge 13 ~ Sticky Art ~ The Imagination Tree shared some fun tips for this activity here .  For out sticky art we used a pack of magnets, a pack of foam shapes and our magnetic chalk board door and we created beautiful sticky art master pieces.  Plus we have all of the magnetic shapes to play with again later.  You can find the shapes in the $1 bin at Target (or that is where I found mine).

Challenge 14 ~  Act out a story  honestly we skipped this challenge in favor of coloring .  There are lots of fun activities you could do for this challenge though.  Draw out the story, make stick puppets and act it out, Make a felt board, paper bag puppets ~ Lots use your imaginations!