Wednesday, November 2, 2011

30 Day Challenge ~ I'm playing

Two of my very favorite blogs Hands on as we Grow and the Imgaination Tree have begun the 30 day challenge and we are itching to participate.

Day 1: Mission  Statement

I'm always terrible at these but my mission is to give my beautiful boy 100% of my attention for this play time, turn off the phone, tv, computer and outside noises and just play wherever play may lead us.  I'm excited it is so fun to watch him change and grow and I know he will love this one on one time with Mom.

Things he loves:

Hooking things up, S hooks, lassos, ropes and strings anything he can tie and drag or pick up with
airplanes, boats, and trains are his very favorites
anything physical hopping, jumping, running, sports type activities and his new favorithe thing we do all of the time is fishing in Nana's swimming pool or throwing things into the swimming pool to fish them out with the pool net.

Thanks for the Challenge ladies!  We are looking forward to Day 2 today which is build a fort.