Sunday, November 6, 2011

30 Day Challenge ~ Building a Fort

Day 1

The challenge for Day 1 was build a fort.  I really thought about the fort we would build.  I thought about taking the fort outside to enjoy a nice fall day.
I considered using the couch cushions , table, blankets , pillows, bed all common materials for building a fort.  When I was little I use to build a playhouse out of my Grannies long huge table.  I had the best time and have the best memories.  So, I couldn't wait to share the fun with my little one. 

Here is what happened.  I began the challenge with asking "Do you want to build a fort?"  I was so surprised to find my child pulling me to the back extra bedroom where we store all of our junk basically.  He stomped and pointed insisting that we needed to go in that room?  Well in the room was part of a tent he got last Christmas, he broke the frame right off of the bat but I had saved the cover for future possibilities.  I am still shocked that he associated his tent with a fort and knew right where to find it. 

So, now what am I to do with this tent with no frame?  We ended up using the kitchen chairs and although not smooth and pretty it made a fort that my child loved!  So , much we played together, he played alone, and the next afternoon he wanted to do it again!

PhotobucketHere is the fort up on the chairs not the greatest of photos...sorry but you get the idea of what the plan is.

PhotobucketHere is my cutie boy enjoying his new Fort!  What kind of treasures did we take into the fort?  See the thing he is holding?  That is an old hat rack that was once his brothers he found in the extra bedroom also.  You'd have thought it was the most amazing toy ever, the bucket of Halloween candy...yummy, his markers and crayons were the main attractions.  Several other things made appearances on and off but these were must haves.  There was a lot of peek a boos and surprises! 

Smiles, Hugs, and Giggles this was a great day!  Have you ever built your child a fort?  What did you use?  What did you play once inside?

stay tuned for our challenge #2 Building with Blocks

Thanks for the challenge ladies  : Hands on : as we grow & Imagination Tree
We had a lot of fun!