Thursday, October 20, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday~

This weeks topic :  How do you keep your toddler well during cold and flu season?

My toddler is not in school yet, he stays home with me so that helps A LOT I think!  His big brother and sister are in school so they of course bring home germs. 

 I am a big believer in Vitamin C.  I have taken it my entire life.  We have the liquid kind and if anyone is acting as if they may be coming down with I add a little bit to one of his sippy cups(my pediatrician approved this  by the way). 

 I am also big on Lysol and if a bug is going around, or someone has the sniffles I spray everything down.  I mean everything when I tell you that.  Doors, doorknobs, remote controls, the car, any surface that may be touched even my ceiling fan blades. 

I make sure he is getting plenty of rest, and getting lots of fluids.  Dress him warmly on cool days.  We use mittens when we are grocery shopping so that his hands aren't all over the germy cart and then being put into his mouth.  I then just throw them in the washer when we get home from our shopping trip.  We are also teaching cough and sneeze into your elbow! 

We keep tissues on hand, and we hand sanitizer too.  I teach him to wash his hands often.  Mostly I just let him be a little boy and pray he does not get sick.  What are your tips for keeping your toddler well?

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Suggested Topic:  Does your toddler help in the kitchen?  What is your favorite toddler friendly recipe?

Next weeks topic is:  How do you get your toddler to sit still for a hair cut. 
Believe me I need help with that one. 

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