Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tips for Staying Cold and Flu Free

With fall and winter on its way flu and cold season begin to become a worry.  We are out and about ALL of the time so there is no hiding from germs.  Sometimes, when you are in the store or at a ballgame you wish you could put a bubble around your family to protect them from all of the different things going around .  I know I do , because when one gets sick then it will be passed along and along until the entire family is down and out.  At my house it seems like everyone gets something different at one time so we'll pass three things around. OH not fun!

In our house we wash our hands!

We sneeze into our elbow and we use tissue!  AND here's a big one we throw our tissues into the garbage so someone else does not have to pick them up (yuck who wants to pick up snot tissues)!

We use the dishwasher!

Liquid Vitamin C big believer in Vitamin C anytime any of us begin to feel like a cold is coming on we get a spoonful.  Even my little one gets vitamin C.  My Mom and Granny always made us take ours and this has carried on.

If someone is sick I seriously use the LYSOL canned disinfectant spray on everything.  (door knobs, cabinet dobs, refrigerator handle, TV remotes. you name it if I think someone has touched it gets sprayed down. Once I spray down my house I spray my vehicles down.   

I also take garlic if I feel like I am getting sick.  Garlic enhances the bodies immune cell activity and its good for the heart.

If it doesn't get treated with my handy bottle of Lysol it will get treated with Bleach. 

Keep hand sanitizer handy if it is in sight you are more likely to use it.  Add travel bottles to backpacks and in your car to have on hand when needed. 

If I know something is going around I will also use a baby wipe and some hand sanitizer and wipe down the handle of the shopping cart when I go to the store.  When my guy was a baby I used a shopping cart cover but we've moved past that.  Last winter when we went into the store I would make my baby wear little mittens on his hands.  Then when we returned to the car I could pull them off and just throw them in the washing machine when we got home. 

Stock your medicine cabinet and pantry with your go to flu /cold medicines.  Remember if you have different ages in your home you need different types of medicine for each age range.    Also, stock the pantry with soups,  Gatorade, crackers and any go to sick foods you may have on hand.  It is no fun shopping with a sick child, or shopping when you are sick yourself. 

If you feel like you are coming down with something or your child is stay home so the rest of us don't catch it  please!

Of course once someone does get sick a crock pot of homemade chicken soup, lots of rest and fluids to get one well.

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