Monday, October 31, 2011

Monster Mondays with Linky


Monster Mondays is a new feature inspired by my best friend Jamie. It's all about those You know its a bad day when moments...

You know you have them! We all have bad days, so lets laugh together and feel better together LINK up a post about your bad day. 

Monster Monday #1

You know it's a bad day when...

You are running late to work and school and head out the door only to realize you don't have your keys.  You go back inside to find them and look everywhere they are NOT there.  OH, NO.  You slam the door to realize you have now locked yourself out of the house what to do.  Finally, back into your house you find the keys hanging on the laundry room key where you always leave them.  OUCH.

Now late for school and in a rush your on your way .  A good friend calls to tell you they had lunch with some of your coworkers only to share that they are trashing your good reputation at work.  Now your beyond upset and stressed.  Is this really a  friend who shares this kind of news?

You look at your kids soccer schedule to find tomorrows game is different than what it should be?  Hmm need to call the soccer coach.  Only to realize your cell phone has gone wonky and is refusing to work.  Low and behold you have dozens of people you need to call on this wonderful day all of whose numbers are locked away in your nonworking phone. You take your phone to the phone company only to be told they can fix it if they erase everything. Nice.  Then haha they ask you are you sure you want them to erase everything?  Well hello if your phone does not work if they don't . Ergh.  Don't you wish you could just toss it out the window and run over it now?

It's been a monster of a day!  Share your stories and link up below!