Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Learning Link Technologies


Learning Link Technologies review & giveaway

If you missed my first post you can find it here.  Learning Link technologies offers help in so many different areas you will be surprised.  I know I was.

If you visit learning link technologies you will find that they offer a variety of free testing to figure out what your child's needs are. One of these would be   Dyscalculia Testing.  What is dyscalculia?  It is a math disability where the child has trouble with basic arithmetic.  The child has difficulty understanding and manipulating numbers.  Generally, once this is discovered as a problem for you child dyscalculia modifications will be given.  Once the stress is removed the child can begin to learn.

Dyscalculia testing is not all that Learning Link Technologies offers they have a hole large spectrum of assessments and tools for  brain retraining and other learning techniques. 

When a child is struggling in school , school can become a nightmare.  A constant battle with mom and dad, a child with low self esteem, frustration which leads to misery.  When your child is unhappy you are unhappy too! 

The earlier you discover what your child needs help in the earlier you can help them.  If you have a child who is struggling in school you may want to check out Learning Links.  Learning Links has an entirely different approach with small physical activities that will retrain the brain.  The many different groups and boards to post in are very helpful.  They're are boards for most any topic you can imagine.  I was particularly interested in the Autism groups and lingered their for a bit. If your child is having a difficult time don't give up find help its out there.

I have learned a lot through my own exploration of Learning links.  I think that my child (2 1/2 ) was still to young to really test out Learning Links but I as a Mom was impressed at the many options , discussions and help available. 

To learn more about Learning Link, visit their site, or join their facebook page and follow them on twitter.

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