Friday, October 28, 2011

I Design ~ shares a Basketball Baby Shower Cake Tutorial

Hello everyone! My name is Jackie, and I’m usually posting a weekly project over at I Design.
This is me:
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Today I’m going to share the steps I took to make a
basketball cake for a friend’s baby shower:
In order to get the spherical shape for the basketball, i used Wilton's sports ball pan

I gave both cakes a crumb coat of cream cheese icing. Then I kneaded color into the white fondant to make the basketball color and the blue color…and when I say "I kneaded color" I really mean that my boyfriend
Pablo kneaded the color in. he's way better at that than me, I’m glad he was around to help :) once the cakes were covered, I put them in the fridge with the icing and I started baking the cupcakes

i had some dry spots in the basketball fondant that caused some stretching and light tears. If that ever happens to you, add some vegetable shortening to the affected areas. It fills in the cracks and tears perfectly (that's why the ball looks shiny below, it dries eventually)

Now it’s time to add the little teeny net to the side of the cake. I tried to carve the cake to be smaller at the bottom like a real hoop/net, that didn't really work and I wish I would've kept it the way it was because I think it looked a little blob-ish in the end...oh well, next time I know. Basically, cut a bunch of tiny fondant strips and add them to the cake in little X formations

The cupcake toppers were really easy to make, this is all you need:

Once i cut out the disks and the initials, I drew on the little black lines with my food color marker

For the black lines on the ball, i used sugar paper because its super thin and it was really easy and neat looking. I used a ruler and an x-acto to cut even strips and added them to the cake with water.

next up: poke the cake 19283452130934 times with something small to create a texture for the ball. i actually used corn on the cob handles haha, the tip was the perfect size and not too sharp

I hope you like it! Let me know what you think and remember to link back to your blog in the comments so I can check your stuff out, I love finding new blogs :)