Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Am From....


based on a poem by George Ella Lyon


I am from brick roads, biscuits with jam, and thick brown gravy smothering a pot roast. 

I am from the long dirt road, and smell of cut grass, the white church and the hay field across the pasture.

I am from the huge old oak tree that held my play house and favorite swing, my brothers tree house and hours of play.

I am from Christmas trees decorated to a T, stockings by the fireplace, 10 Penny.

I am from Millers, Browns and Brantley's, from stubborn and  fair, loving and tender, steady and long lasting from Karen and Steve
I am from Old time rock and roll, and a good bottle of wine. From peace and quite , books and tractors.

From never let your child go to bed hungry and always pay attention to your intuition.

 I am from Amazing Grace, and the power of prayer.

I am  from  the South,  Red, White and Blue, God Bless the good old USA.
From waves crashing on the shore, the hot sunshine in your face, and the wind in your hair. From the taste of salt on your skin ,and the kisses of sunshine the cold water of a spring and fishing from  the shore.
I am  from strawberry shortcake, and key lime pie.

From the mom who took us to the bus stop each day and waited for us each afternoon.  From the Dad who taught us to ride bikes in Vogue parking lot.  From the parents who fell in love as kids and have been in love ever since.  From the Granny with a shot gun and pecan limb. 

I am from the family photos in the old wood cabinet, from VHS tapes and VCR.  From moms jewelry box with all its treasures.  From the pile of scrapbooks in the extra closet and the box of photos at Grandmas.