Monday, October 3, 2011

Hanes is Giving Back


As most of you know already October is breast cancer awareness month! 
Hanes has started the month with a brand new facebook app.  This app lets fans make personal virtual comfort packages to send.  You can check out the Hanes app here!

Hanes will give $1.00 to National Breast Cancer Foundation , Inc.(up to $25,000) to promote early detection and mammograms for those in need for every virtual comfort package that is sent.  PRETTY COOL HANES way to give back !!

A virtual comfort package is easy to create.  You can add a t-shirt, music, photos, videos, and notes with just a few easy clicks.   Each selection is customizable too!  A virtual package can brighten up someones day.  You can send a package from the pink tab on the Hanes page. (

PhotobucketIf you were creating a comfort package for someone special what would you like to have added into it?  I think the photos and video options are a nice touch from Hanes.  If I was sending a real package not a virtual one I would have to have a soft blanket or comfy PJ's or big t-shirt and don't forget the chocolate!  A favorite video and a hand written note are always special too.  Hanes did a great job picking out comfort options.

Sometimes, it is just nice to know someone out there is thinking about you!  What a special way to brighten someones day and easy way to help Breast Cancer !

So, what are you waiting on ?  Head on over to and send friends and family a comfort package.  Get them $1 donations started make Hanes Pay !!

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