Saturday, September 17, 2011

Zoo Guest ~ Wendy Reed

I am happy to introduce to you Wendy Reed from
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Wendy I'm so happy you were able to stop by the Zoo today and share Little Lilly with us!! 

From Wendy ~

Wendy Reed is the author and illustrator who has created the children's picture book Little Lilly's Polka Dot World. Wendy has artfully woven into a fun and colorful book about a character named Little Lilly Polka Dot a lesson for children that going to the doctor is not so scary. Wendy has also developed a fantastic interactive website which is found at . The website has animation with voice and narration  by little 8 year old Ruby Davenport. The children can play a puzzle game, learn the alphabet, print our colouring pages and either read the e-book or listen to the narrated version. There are also wall prints for the children's bedrooms that can be downloaded, framed and hung!!Wendy also has started a wonderful blog which will feature mini-stories along with illustrations as well as guest bloggers. See the blog at . I highly recommend that you and your children visit the site and the blog to get to know Little Lilly Polka Dot and her polka dotted kitty Marshmallow!!