Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Wicked Witch


The wicked witch came to town riding on her broom.

    It didn't take long to cast a spell on  the poor man in her path . The spell that lead to fall out and broken hearts by many.  Little did the man see he was making such a huge mistake.  One day he would  wake up only to find it to late.

His family broke and devastated by the decisions he would make.  Some disowned him , some stood by him  but the witch they could not take! 

It didn't take her long to isolate him from his family.  To begin the reconstruction of this man once respected by many.  He turned into a person they  really did not know.  Somewhere under that spell remained the man they  loved so.

From the time the witch walked in the house the family tried to make him see.  They begged and pleaded at him  to hear them.  He would  only shut them down.  He only saw  goodness and refused to see her tricks. He couldnt understand how they could ever think this?    The witches spell so strong the man just to far gone.
She took their  pictures from the walls, she spent his money like he had plenty.  She made her family his and tossed his to the curb.  He let her do as she pleased , he and never said a word.

Then one day the man was sick.  His life forever changed!!  In an instant the man became completely at her mercy. 
The sickness grew, the man got worse. One day his eyes were opened to the witch he had made his bride.

The  witch he saw as mean and cruel
The abuse she  made him take.
He saw her for the witch no longer fooled.
He realized this woman was 100% a fake
The witch held his life  in her wrinkled shrivled hand.  Her spell finally broken as the man begins to fade.

In due time karma comes around and one day the witch will see.  What it is like to find no mercy , to be broken and alone.  The witch will get whats coming and those who loved him too.  The justice they prayed hard for will show her to the door.