Thursday, September 29, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday ~ Go-To-Toys

This week’s topic is: What’s your toddler’s go-to toy? You know, the toy that can always calm them down, distract them!

I don't think my toddler can be distracted.  When he is on a mission he is on a mission and you may think you have detoured him, but you would be thinking wrong.  Later he will go right back to what you wanted to distract him from. 

His go-to- toys are planes, trains, pirate ships or sailboats, cranes, & cars.

Basically anything that goes or that he can hook things up with.  He has been fascinated by cranes and trains for over a year.  They have definitely held his love the longest.  Lately though airplanes and ships have stolen his heart.  You can even give him something as simple as a paper airplane and he will play and play.  The only problem is he is not at all happy with his moms airplane folding techniques. 

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