Thursday, September 1, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday "Food Allergies"

It's time for Toddler Talk Thursday.

 This week's theme "Food Allergies"

Dealing with food allergies can be a really scary time for a child and a parent.  Sometimes allergies are not severe but sometimes they really are. 

My daughter in elementary school developed hives at school one day.  We took her to the pediatrician who ended up having her allergy tested in fear that she was allergic to peanuts.  You would not believe how this child sulked , because she feared she would never have a REESE cup again.  I'm serious.  Lucky for us and a few $ later we discovered she was not allergic to peanuts.  Before, the final results came in it was a really challenging time.  We had to alert her school, the school then held a meeting about it , because peanut allergies are very serious and can be life threatening.  We had to make her understand No matter how badly she wanted food with peanuts she could not take that risk. 

My little Mister has an allergy and we are not sure of the cause yet.  It has been very stressful times for me as a Mom trying to figure out what the cause of his reaction is.  He has been covered in hives from head to toe for 5 weeks. They leave, they come back it could drive a Mama nuts.  We have had him back and forth to the Pediatrician and have not found the cause as of yet.  We were due to be allergy tested this week if he was not well.  Thankfully, we are on day 4 of no hives.  Prayers they  do not return.  Lucky for us the hives did not really  make him miserable but boy did they make his Mama worry.

Here are a few tips when dealing with food allergies ~

1. Learn as much about it as you can, Internet , books, ask questions at the Doctor.  Do your research, be an informed parent!

2.  ALERT your child's school immediately, your daycare provider, any where you child may stay without you
     Let them know what your child has an allergy too, be specific he needs to avoid this or this could happen. 

3.  Talk to your child and talk to your child some more.  Explain to her why she can not have this , explain in detail what will happen or could happen if she does.  Talk about what ifs, and tell him or her what to do if they accidentally eat the cause of their allergy.  Who should they go to etc. Prepare your child.

4.  Listen to what your Doctor is telling you!!!

My topic suggestion:  How do you get your toddler to sit still for a hair cut?  Seriously , we need your tips here.  My child has always sat patiently and had his hair cut.  Until recently.  Right now he is sporting a crooked look with a touch of long.

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