Monday, September 12, 2011

PVC Batting Cage

Another Use for PVC  here at the Zoo.  My sons new batting cage.  Some of you may have saw my photos on Facebook earlier in the month.

It has been quite the attraction in our neighborhood.  My son and husband are loving it and putting it to great use. 

Step 1: Measure
Step 2: Dig Holes
Step 3: Glue/ Screw the PVC pipe fittings together
Step 4.  Stand the PVC pipe in holes
Step 5:  Then fill the holes with cement
Step 6. Let cement stand up
Step 7:  Put the net on
Step 8:  Strap it down

  The netting we actually were able to buy used and hubby got a pretty good deal on it.  Which would be how the cage came about.  It actually took them 2 weekends to get everything put together and set up.  Not working 100% of the time.  They had to let the poles set up so after they set them the waited to finish it up until the following weekend.  My Dad , Husband and Son worked together to build it .

Everything has been measured out, the post have been set.




Finally, TEST it out.  Of course this is for the bigger boys, but this little one sure does LOVE it!