Thursday, September 22, 2011

Playing Outdoors with the Family

Do you play outdoors with your family?  On September 24, 2011, kids and families are encouraged to participate in the Worldwide Day of Play to turn off the TV and play outside.  At the Whitehead's Zoo playing outside is a must.  It may not be an out of the ordinary kind of play , but just getting some sunshine and running around we will do.  As most of you already know we have a wide age gap between our kids , so the kinds of play we have vary.  Here are few of the outdoor activities we enjoy .

The #1 for my boys is baseball.  Whether we are watching big brother play ball, or watching little brother imitate big  brother playing ball baseball is a huge part of the Whitehead families week.   When big brother has games the family packs up to spend a day at the ball field to cheer him on.  Many an afternoon I sit outside while little brother pretends to be catcher, hits off his tee and even slides the bases like the big boys.  Every now and then we go to a MLB game and enjoy our day being filled with junk food and cheering on some of our favorites.  Sometimes mom thinks its to hot or to cold but the boys don't care.  They are thrilled to watch, play and practice baseball.

The #2 family outdoor activity is the beach.  This is probably my #1 even though the boys would vote baseball.  I love the beach.  The beach is the one place every one of my children can find happiness for the day.  Building sand castles, hunting shells, surfing or just sunning the beach is the place to be when you have kids.  Not to mention after a full day in the water and sun everyone wants to nap after. 

#3 Swimming, I have a little fish on my hands.  All of the kids like to swim in the pool splash and play.  It makes for a nice afternoon when it is 100+ outside.  My little Mister waited until the very end of summer to get the hang of swimming this year.  Now he would stay in the water if we let him.  I think kids and families are just drawn to the water.  We're also in Florida so water activities are a big part of our outdoor adventures.

#4 The Whitehead kids also really enjoy tubing down in Ichetucknee Springs.  As long as I have a boat to keep my behind out of the water we are good .  I will float a long and watch them tube, swim and splash for a day of fun.  I like to tie all of our floats and rafts together , so I do not have to worry about anyone getting to far ahead or behind.  This can get tricky if there is  a big tree or something to go around along the way.   Very much so when Mama's not getting out of the boat.  It's all a lot of fun and we have some wonderful memories floating down the river.

#5 This year a favorite summer outdoor activity was fishing.  We  took our fishing poles to the mountains and my boys really enjoyed that.  I think that would be a great way to spend the afternoon this fall.  Sitting on the bank somewhere with a fishing pole and a great photo op for mom.

#6 Fetch with our yellow lab.  You just can't help but take a minute or two to throw his ball, or a flying disc.  He brings it to you and drops it at your feet.  My little one would do this for hours upon hours.  He laughs and giggles as the dog runs to get whatever object he has tossed out to be returned. 

#7 Taking art outdoors.  We love to play with side walk chalk, line the fence with paper and paint and be creative.  Taking it outside allows a new kind of free creativity.  Not to mention you can just hose off the mess. 

Wagon rides, afternoon walks, riding bikes these are all some of the afternoon activities we like to play.  With cooler weather right around the corner we can't wait to get outside and play more!  What kinds of activities do you enjoy outdoors with the family?

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