Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A mommy confession Birthday troubles

Birthday Party Troubles

A mommy confession of sorts.

Does your toddler understand the concept of a Birthday party?  Mine certainly does NOT.  We understand that a box = a goodie, a bag = a goodie, and when they are wrapped in Thomas the Train paper and Cars paper LOOK out !!  We want them there is bound to be something GREAT in there.  Why isn't it MINE?  Hey mom do you see that stack of boxes.  This is even better than when the UPS man visits. 

Seriously, my poor guy took me to the presents a hundred times or more before the opening and pointed them out, asked for them, talked about them, would grab one and run He meant he really wanted presents.  Who can blame him?  I certainly don't . 

Then comes the actual opening of the presents.  Watching one by one be opened slowly, examined, cards read. presents being taken to the Birthday Boys bedroom for later.  My guy was distraught I tell you.  He squirmed, he reached , he cried and we left before the final presents were opened. 

Now for the confession... the quick departure was really more of a mommy issue than a toddler issue.  Yes, he was a bit rowdy as he so badly wanted to open the most wonderful presents ever.  He just didn't understand he's 2 1/2.  He's use to getting the presents and playing and having all of the fun.  Who said others should get presents also?  Where did that idea ever come from.  Mommy couldn't take the looks, the side comments and well she just fled.  I jumped up and ran for the door like a race horse bolting for the finish line.  I am sure I was the bigger spectacle than my toddler. 

 Sometimes, I wonder if leaving my job to stay at home has turned me into a ninny.  I'm serious I use to have tough skin, and would have the snarkiest of response if you made me mad.    Now, I flee the party with toddler in tow and burst into tears as soon as I'm outside.  Hello NINNY.  Where did that tough skin go?  I was so mad at me for getting upset and why was I upset I don't  know really?   Because , somewhere in the world of mommy my tough skin has shriveled and I have become a galloping crying race horse ...HA.  Picture that!

Have you had a party disaster, a funny moment, a gallop out the door scenario?  In the name of Mom therapy do share.