Monday, September 19, 2011

Marble Run

We made a marble run for the fridge this week.

What did we use?

Toilet paper, and paper towel rolls


Stickers to decorate them up

That's it !  So easy to put together and my child Loved it!

I have seen several of these on pinterest, blogs and other sites.  I have posted several styles in the past we have tried ourselves or want to try. 

Marble run with PVC pipe
and our portable marble run

The inspiration on this such day was a post from More than ABC's and 123's I had pinned on pinterest.  Looking back at hers I see things I want to change in mine!

We just did ours on the refrigerator . Yep , that is my old  white and somewhat colored on fridge in the photos. 
I just hot glued magnets to the back of the toilet paper rolls and as you can see I just let C add stickers to them.

Here he is putting a magnet in and watching where it goes.

Photobucket We used more tubes, less tubes, mix matched paper towel and toilet paper.  Took some off , added them back .  Just rearranging them to see what happened when we would do this or that.  C had a blast.

Best of all we had all of the supplies on hand except for the magnets.  This activity cost me a whole $1.97 for the magnets and that was it! 


Many of our marbles ended  up finding their way under the fridge.  Wonder how that happened? 

One happy toddler = one happy mommy