Sunday, September 18, 2011

A little of this and a little of that

Have you been having a wonderful weekend?  We have had a nice one but busy !  As usual the weekends seem to fly by a lot faster than the week days.

 What's going on at the Zoo this week?  It's homecoming week in our little town.  Lots of fun ahead.  Dress, shoes, and accessories purchased today now Moms checkbook is just a bit lighter. 

Next week we are celebrating 1000 fans at Your Golden Ticket Blog sharing giveaways each day so be sure and drop by.

The Zoo's baby shower event begins Friday the 23rd.   Get ready for the fun!  I'm really excited to share some great zoo guest & sponsors with you .  So, be sure to check in often the next month September 23-October 23. 

Our new favorite toddler  past time ~ making paper airplanes and I am terrible at it.  What about you can you make a fantastic paper airplane?  Share it this Mama wants  to know how.  Mine barely fly but my guy just loves them.  

Don't forget to enter our current giveaways:

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Oh, and I have a question from one of our readers for you.

Question from Zoe~  My niece is having a baby and I do not like the name she has chosen.  I had offered the suggestion of a name I love.  So, I am calling the new baby that name.   

Would you be mad if a relative refused to call your baby by the  name you have chosen?   What are your thoughts on this?

I think I would be mad Zoe.  (but let's see what Zoo readers say) you guys leave a blog post comment with answers for Zoe.

Everyone have a great week!  We plan to!  Thanks for following us and being a fan of the Zoo.  You are so appreciated!