Sunday, September 4, 2011

Learning Link Technologies ~ Learning Disabilities Help Program Review #1

Learning Link Technologies ~ Learning Disabilities Help Program Review #1

When I was asked to review Learning Link Technologies I was excited and a little bit worried too.  I have a rowdy two year old after all so what could I possibly do? 

The program will probably last us 12-18 months so we will be posting updates from time to time to tell you what we think and how things are going. 

So, far I have watched several videos on retraining the brain and reviewed several learning techniques.  If nothing else I am receiving great learning aides to help us on our educational adventures.

I have been learning about brain retraining . This program is based around the concept that when stages in development aer skipped or sometimes happen to quickly (such as crawling) the brain does not properly integrate and becomes unbalanced.  Their are learning activities and skills you can learn that will re balance the brain and help you and your child with learning disorders. 

No matter what your child's age it's not to young to make sure your child is developing learning skills.
Lisa Harp has developed a very easy to do at-home system which enhances the building blocks of learning.
The system is most often used by school age children but can actually be used (in part) as young as 3.
The exercises are very simple and kids find them fun.

Although this system was designed to help those with learning problems Learning Aids recommends it for all kids.
Doing the program with a child who does not exhibit problems will only enhance learning abilityand if there are weak spots they'll show up and be fixed.

Are you ready for some great news ?  Learning Link Technologies is going to do a  giveaway with us( ARV $600)!   We are really excited to share this great giveaway with you in the upcoming months.

I just wanted to introduce you to this program, and I'll keep you posted as we figure it out. 

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