Thursday, September 15, 2011

Flintstones Car Tutorial

Last Halloween my cutie pie was Bam  Bam from the Flintstones.  His dad had nicknamed him that. Finally, that nickname has come to an end.  However, it fit him perfectly for a while and so did this costume. 

It was actually my FAVORITE costume of all that my children have had , and trust you me they have had a lot.

 photo FlintstonesCollage.jpg

We're in Florida so it is still pretty hot this time of year.  We didn't need to worry over covering up or warmer clothes. This worked perfectly. A lot of times here costumes are just to hot.  This one is very comfortable and practical. It was just a felt pair of shorts with the fur trim attached and a bone button to accent. 

  Then I decided he really needed a Flintstones car to trick or treat.  So, I brainstormed and made one.

First, we had the old Little  Tikes coupe missing the roof but the car all in excellent ridable condition.  So,  we used that as the base for our car.  It was perfect because it was already a foot pedaled car, and it was also the perfect size for a toddler.  Plus it had the long handle up the back which made pushing him from  house to house easy.

The car was red and I wanted it brown but did not want to mess up the car.  So I glued/taped brown paper bags all over it.  I used sandwich bags and it didn't take a full pack I had plenty of leftovers.  Take the bags and cut them down the sides to open them up and get more paper coverage from one bag.  

Next, I had to figure out how to make logs?  I decided that pool noodles could be made into logs. We had to search for pool noodles in October but we managed to find some!  We used 4 pool noodles. 

I spray painted the pool noodles with brown paint and let them dry.

We attached 4 pieces of PVC pipe to hold make the canopy, one in each corner and then wrapped them in the pool noodles.

I hot glued a card board rectangular cake plate to the top of the canopy.  Then I covered it with a small piece of cream material which I zig zagged with scissors just free hand. 
We used tie wraps to secure the pool noodles to the canopy sticks.  We hot glued the rest of the noodles on top of the brown a paper bags. 

I  had some scrap material matching the leopard print in the costume.  I cut it in odd shapes and added them to the  canopy and car.

The car was really a bigger hit than the costume.  Although, his Mom thought he was the BEST Bam Bam ever!  We had a lot of people stop us about the car.  He had a lot of fun riding in it and it made trick or treating a lot easier!

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