Friday, August 5, 2011

Writer's Club

#1 Write about the last time your mother came over for a long  visit.
 2  Describe and write about your “old” self and the new “you”.
#3 A time when you lost it….
#4 Your childhood best friend… still friends? or what happened to him/her?

The last time my mother came for a visit, a long visit.  My mom lives walking distance from my home so I see her almost every single day.  She comes and visits the kids, or they go visit her almost daily.  The only problem with her living so close is that my toddler says over and over shoes, Nana , Pop Pop shoes let's go.  And if mom drops by for a visit well he expects her to load him up and take him home with her no matter how long she has visited.  It is really sweet though.  I am lucky to have such a great relationship with my parents and that they are so close to my children.  I treasure that.  My mother in law we haven't had a visit from in two years.  When we finally do, I am sure that will be interesting. 

  • OLD Me was skinnier
  • Old Me had a job
  • OLD me did not blog
  • OLD me was more organized (well a little bit)
  • Old me had more $ to play with
  • NEW Me is a stay at home mom
  • New me loves to blog
  • New me has time to read a book (well kind of)
  • New me has less $ but is spending every day with her children
  • New me would like to rekindle her relationship with the former skinny me
  • New me is going to get ORGANIZED this fall
A time when I lost it.  Well, I would like to sit her and tell you the new me never loses it.  I keep it together all of the time.  That would just be fibbing though , so I'll fess up.  I am known to have an occasional melt down.  The last time I lost it??  I had a pretty good melt down at Christmas time.  I always do though.  I am like the Christmas elf in need of Christmas Prozac I'm telling ya.  I get so excited, and want everything to be just so.  I run around decorating, shopping , taking photos of the perfect Christmas memories, baking, wrapping all of the things that you do at Christmas.  Then well lets face it the hoopla of Christmas is over pretty fast after the build up.  It takes the kids a whole 20 minutes to rip open the carefully wrapped packages and leave a pile of destruction for this elf to pick up.  Somewhere after all of the hoopla even though it will be the most wonderful Christmas I am always slightly disappointed that it is over.   Another Christmas past.  I am also slightly over joyed when I get over the boohooing part that it is another Christmas past.  Silly I know.

I have one best friend I have remained friends with since we were kids.  We have watched our children grow, watched each other struggle and grow, and lived life to the fullest.  Although, we don't see each other as often as we should.  No matter how long it has been we are always able to pick up right where we leave off.  She is this amazing woman with this huge heart and I am so proud of the person she has become.  She makes me laugh and she totally gets me.  It's great to have one true friend that gets you like that!