Thursday, August 25, 2011

Writer's club~ Someone I admire...My Daughter

#1 Someone you admire………..
 #2  Your colors- Write about the colors that make up who you  are.
#3 Flashback-what was your favorite dance move growing up? 
#4  Something you ignore or mentally block out of your mind. Why?

Someone I admire.....

A person that I totally admire is my daughter.  My beautiful , talented, opinionated daughter who will be fifteen on Saturday.  Where has the time gone?

Why do I admire her?

 I admire that she seems to be grounded and know what she wants and what it will take to get her there.  At fifteen she is focused and wiser than I was at her age.  I am so proud that she realizes the value of "family" and will happily spend the day with her grandparents rather than a day shopping with the girls.  She takes the time to drop in to visit her great grandfather who is not doing very well without me ever asking.  She has a huge heart.  She has not lost her mind over boys, she sets goals for herself and she meets her own expectations.  I truly believe she will achieve whatever her dream will be one day.  She is a leader not a follower.

You know if she is working on your project she will give 110% unless its housework.

Somewhere along the way she attained a sense of self, a firm belief of right and wrong .  With her there is not  a gray area you are either in the right or the wrong and she doesn't let you wiggle out of it.  I believe as she grows this may change a bit.  Yet, I  so admire how she does not hesitate to STAND for what she believes is right even if not the popular opinion.  She will defend when she believes a person has been wronged even though it may cost her. 

A beautiful, talented young woman my daughter has turned into.  I am proud to call her mine.  I am proud of who she is and proud of who I know she will be.  Wow, did I get lucky fifteen years ago when God  blessed us with this amazing girl. This amazing girl whom I so admire.