Thursday, August 11, 2011

What is your most memorable coffee moment?

We know that coffee is important for socializing and productivity. What is your most memorable coffee moment? Was the coffee itself or the setting or the company that made it so memorable? I remember my first cup of coffee--it wasn't until I was in graduate school! (A cold day & my then-boyfriend brought me a mug and a scone to warm me up) —A member of @NescafeUSA Tasters  ...Please share your story!
I personally don't drink coffee at all.  My husband and I neither one are coffee drinkers, so we do not even own a coffee pot.  How then am I writing about my most memorable coffee moment?  I will forever link coffee with my Mom and Granny.  Every afternoon my Mom hops on the golf cart and rides across the field to  my Grandmothers. It is known in our family as coffee time.  Once , inside they both enjoy coffee and talk about the news, politics, their troubles, kids and grand kids whatever and enjoy each others company.  This has went on since I was a little girl and my Granny moved from Texas to Florida.  She bought the house right across the field from my Mama.  Must have been Fate that house was for sale. Sometimes, I tag along just to join in on the good old conversation and spend time with two of my favorite women. 
Do you have a coffee memory or moment to share?  You know I want to hear all about it Leave me a comment!
This post was written in response to a writers prompt at Social Moms.