Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday~ reward systems

Yippy!  Toddler Talk Thursday has returned and with a fabulous topic for this week.

This Week’s Topic:
Do you use a reward system/charts with your toddler? How’s it working out?

So, far we have not used any kind of system or chart with C.  Although, with potty training coming up I am hoping to find just the right system to achieve success! 

I have tried chore charts with my older two and to be honest they never really work for long.  A week , two tops and then the system has gotten old and they are over whatever my plan was to begin with. 

Here are a few ideas I have pinned on Pinterest that I may use.

So, I think this idea is super cute to use the stickers as gum balls.  I really don't think C would respond to the gum ball machine.  I do think if I cut out a train or race car though it might be a good little chart for him ! 

I pinned the potty treats jar a couple of weeks or more ago.  Shamefully, I am definitely completely fine with bribing my child with a skittle or m&m each time he potty's if that will do the trick. 
I showed my Mom this so she would find me a great jar for a deal. My mom is such a bargain hunter.  She wasn't to thrilled with the potty jar.  But hey a girl has to do what a girl has to do.  I think it would be super cute and again in our favorite thing at my house a transportation theme.  Oh, how them cars, planes and trains rock when you are a 2 year old little boy. 

I pinned this one a week or so ago in my getting organized board.  This is more for my older kids although I am sure C will want his own just like the big kids.  I think this would work out for everyone.  I did not want it so much for chores as to help them organize what they need to do each day.  My 12 year old has set a goal for the beginning of this school year to be organized.  Poor thing organization is not his strong suit .  This might help him? It might not? He is 12 after all.  Anyway, I need to get busy and get this one made school begins next week.

My little Mr. is quite stubborn and so far could care less.  It will probably take just the right thing to motivate him for sure. 

My next topic suggestion:  What do you do when your toddler really dislikes a relative? 

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