Friday, August 12, 2011

Foto Friday ~ Out the Window

Photobucket" OUT THE WINDOW"
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For this week theme I thought and thought and had several ideas.  Birds, & squirrels out the window.  The kids playing out the window.  I have a pregnant photo looking out the window.  Then I totally changed focus.  Now ,  I did not take this one this week.  Nor did I any of those I just mentioned.  Friday apparently snuck up on me.  So, I looked through our vacation photos from July thinking that's pretty recent and I came across our train photos.  We got all kinds of photos on that ride all "looking out the window " or of ourselves looking "out the window".
                                               Now we're getting somewhere.  There were so many , decisions decisions.  This is what I came
                                               up with. Everyone of these photos was taken looking out of the window of the train. Except for
                                               the one of my Dad and little boy it was taken from inside the train of them looking out.

"Out the Window"
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