Monday, August 1, 2011

5 a day book challenge "elephants"

5 a day books

Our theme for this week is "Elephants"

C has found a new love ...Horton hears a who.  I bought the movie at Walmart a few days ago and he we have watched it and watched it.  We have k ind of  been slacking with our reading and crafts this past week or so and I really want to get back on track this week.  I think "elephants" will be the perfect new theme for him to keep him interested.  I also used pinterest to tag all of my photos .  I know kind of lazy but it's late and I wanted this post to be ready for Monday morning.

I like the cute elephant craft
did also.  We may have to make Elmer the elephant
this week.

This theme may run 2 weeks for us.  We have just had so much going on lately.  J. is still home recovering from back surgery so things are interesting you could say.  Every ones routine or schedule is just a little off at this Zoo.

I did not even know their was a Horton Hatches the Egg until I googled elephant themed books.  Of course C will crazy over this one so I am headed to the library tomorrow to pick it up for the week.  Fingers crossed they have it or I'll be heading to the store.  Which I might do anyway.  How could I not have this one in our library?

This is a sweet little book love the illustrations

I printed a couple of coloring pages tonight from "Horton " for C to color this week.  I want to get some pink pom poms at the store for him to make the flower with he speck.

Then I found a paper plate elephant and a hand print elephant craft at Busy Bee Crafts, a
Horton Elephant Ears and Trunk Craft at Craft's n things

And I'm loving this water color silhouettes by too!

I think this enough to keep us busy , and motivated this week.  What do you think?

Do you have any "elephant books or crafts" to recommend?  Leave me a comment and I'll check them out or try them. 

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