Saturday, August 27, 2011

10 Things My Child Has Taught Me

10 Things My Child Has Taught Me
  • Laughter is the best medicine
  • Anything can be interesting if you take the time to INSPECT it closely
  • How to play (I think sometimes as adults we forget how to sit down and play)
  • Playing Cars and Painting pictures is way more important than washing dishes.  Take time to enjoy the Important things because time goes by very fast.
  • Humility...oh yes!
  • Do NOT judge others for what you will not one day want to be judged for.  You NEVER know what another persons circumstances are.  Don't say I'm so glad my kids don't scream or guess what you'll end up with a kid who screams all the time just to play.  Seriously!!!  All of the things you thought you would never say or never do, you do at some point usually say or do.
  • How to laugh at ones self.  You gotta laugh when you cook something for 30 minutes only to never turned the stove on.  You trip on the scooter you should have picked up earlier only to go sliding across the room like a wild woman about to break her neck.
  • How to recycle and reuse ~ I have learned to re purpose paper towel rolls, milk jugs, newspapers and all sorts of Fun trash along this Mom journey.
  • A little pee, a little poo, eating a booger, a piece of dog food or even just something off the floor isn't going to kill you MOM.  who knew.  Oh, and don't forget if your shirt is used as a Kleenex or dish cloth you will survive!
  • Being a Mom is the greatest privilege ever even with dripping snot and grimy hand prints on your favorite blouse.  It is the most wonderful roller coaster ever.