Wednesday, August 17, 2011

10 Reasons I'm Not & I AM Looking Forward to the School Year

10 reasons why I'm not looking forward to the school year.

  1. Waiting in the car pick up
  2. Mornings
  3. Homework
  4. Science Fair Projects
  5. The never ending taxi service here, there, and back again
  6. NO big kids during the day
  7. Having to be on a schedule
  8. Report Cards
  9. The Drama that goes on in the Life of a Teen
  10. The never ending need for $ , supplies, or trips to the store
10 reasons why I'm looking forward to the school year.
  1. To watch my children grow, achieve and become even more successful
  2. Extracurricular Activities
  3. More structured time with my toddler
  4. One step closer to the end ~
  5. The chatter about their day
  6. Baseball season
  7. Being Busy, back to chaos
  8. Hearing all about the friends
  9. Christmas Vacation
  10. Little Misters excitement of picking up the big kids each day.  He will MISS them so MUCH!