Saturday, July 9, 2011

You Name It Toys

When it comes to children I love puzzles and books. I want to surround my child with things that help him learn and grow.  Puzzles are a great way to do that.  Their are so many benefits to letting your children learn to manipulate a puzzle.

Here are some of the skills puzzles help your child with :

1. Hand Eye Coordination - As a child puts each piece into the puzzle they are manipulating it to get it to fit and working on hand eye coordination
2. Fine Motor Skills- Puzzles teach children to pick up and grasp as they are fitting pieces together.
3.  Cognitive Skills- Problem solving and reasoning skills, giving them a variety of themed puzzles teaches many different topics.

Puzzles are a type of mind teaser and with each completed puzzle a child's confidence will grow.  It's so fun to watch the excitement spread across your child's face when they've accomplished something new.

~A little bit about You Name It Toys

You Name It Toys award-winning, handcrafted name puzzles and stools have been displayed at some of the most prominent arts & crafts shows in the country.  They also have appeared on TV talk shows, and discussed on radio programs.  Most importantly, they have captured the hearts and minds of children of all ages throughout the USA.

Since 1983 their family has specialized in handcrafting puzzles.  All of their beautifully name puzzles or personalized picture puzzles can be made into a stool puzzle by sliding them into the stool tops.  They also make US map puzzles, alphabet & number puzzles, clock puzzles and larger dinosaur puzzles

I recently received the step stool puzzle for review. 

Here is What I really Liked about it:
  • the fact that the puzzle slides out easily for a change
  • the brightness of the colors
  • the sturdiness of the stool itself
  • how well made it seems to be
  • that it was made in the USA
  • paint is LEAD free
  • that it makes my child happy!

with your choice of any 9X11 puzzle and any color stool

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