Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What home remedies does your family use?

Summer is here, and so are mosquitoes and ants.   I have been looking at home remedies.  Every family seems to have a few.  Here are a few that we have tried out, or have found and might try out some day. 

Home remedies for bug bites:

My Granny always swore by dabbing a little Clorox on everything (I do not do this )

We use apple cider vinegar on just about everything.  I'm telling ya that stuff will cure what ails ya. 

Soda & Salt  paste  (I have used this one many times)

Vick's vapor rub dabbed 

Tea Tree Oil (read this also works for lice)

Slice of onion (haven't tried this one but read it works)

Crush an aspirin and make a paste out of it

Tobacco on bee stings

Home remedy for minor burns:
Vanilla Extract will take the sting out

A couple of weekends ago C fell into ants and bless his sweet little heart they ate him up.  The bites drove him crazy and he didn't understand not to itch.  This was his first time getting bit by anything.  I ended up using calamine lotion on him and it worked great.  He loved it we used a Q tip to dab it on and he thought he was painting himself .

So, what home remedies does your family use?  I can't wait to read your thoughts and remedies.