Thursday, July 21, 2011

Painting with Water Guns

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I found these water squirt guns at the Dollar Store.  I think I bought 4, however they did not survive my toddler hitting them against things at ALL :(  I bought them to use by the pool, but it quickly became quite obvious that was not going to work out . So, I put the one that survived this active little boy up for another day or idea.

My twelve year old thought it would be fun to fill them with paint , and that is just what we did.  This was a lot of fun.  However, let me tell you VERY messy with a 2 year old.  (or my two year old anyway)

First, I hung some freezer paper on the fence with clothes pins.  This was meant to be our canvas.  The thing with squirt guns though is who can resist squirting them.  My two  year old had a hard time keeping his aimed at just one thing it was so fun to see paint splat on toys and chairs and the porch and Big Brother.  So, that is where messy came in.  No worries we were outside and this is what a water hose is for.  Not to mention all of the paint spattered toys are his anyway RIGHT?

I ended up going inside and getting more paper to add as this project evolved.

Giving the paper a squirt

This was a lot of fun! 

After a while we just filled them with water and played.

Next, time yes there will probably be a next time I think I want to try the smaller little squirt type guns.  This one was really a bit big and I think harder for him to do.   It was big hit though the boys were both running around the yard squirting the paper, squirting the trees , squirting each other.  That kind of play time can make a mommy smile.

At one point I sent my 12 year old in to get more paint.  He just happens to mention he got the glow in the dark paint?  I'm thinking what?? when I realize he has the glue.  Thank goodness I realized and disaster was prevented.  KIDS.

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