Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Gifted

author : Deborah Andreasen


You guys know I love my super natural fiction.  Vampires, and werewolves are right up my ally.

Well, The gifted has not one vampire and not one werewolf.  It has Fairies.

The Gifted is about a teen girl named Pyper who died a a child but came back to life.  Every since the day she died she has been different.  She has the ability to control things with her mind. 

Pyper's family moves around a lot to keep people from finding out about her ability.  Pyper has quite the temper, so they have had to move A LOT!

Now at a new school Pyper meets a boy Kael who knows her secret.  He needs her help saving his people the FAE. 

Pyper doesn't believe in Fairies so what to do? As Pyper's life begins to unravel with her brother being kidnapped, finding out the identity of her father, and falling in love you become entranced and drawn into this super natural world with her. 

This contemporary fantasy went straight for my heart.  Seriously , I did not want this one to end.   

 What books are your favorites?  Do you participate in any book clubs or online book clubs?  What are you reading right now?  Can't wait to hear your answers! 

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