Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dinosaur World a Sensory & Exploratory Activity for Children

Dinosaur World in the Sand Water Table

{A Sensory / Exploratory Activity}

We've been discussing dinosaurs. A dinosaur theme is a great way to encourage talking, pretend play and even sensory play. An extension to our dinosaur unit was this Dinosaur World set up in the sand and water table.  It created a place for imaginations to soar and all kinds of play. Including some science.  

Steps to recreate a Dinosaur World at home: 

You will Need: 

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  1. I put play sand in the middle and around the sides or the sand water table I have. You could place it to one side or two. It doesn't matter just separated from the water your going to add. I used red play sand. 
  2. Then I set several dinosaurs into the sand, a couple of plastic trees that came with our dinosaurs and some measuring spoons, rocks, even a small hammer.
  3. Then to one side I added some water with blue food coloring added. 
  4. The day before I froze 6 dinosaurs in different sized containers. Some big some small, a round container, an oval, even a small square one.  (I also added blue food coloring to the water I froze)
  5. I kept parts of the dinosaurs sticking out of the containers like heads, tails etc. (see above photos)

What did the kids think? 

They played with the dinosaurs picking them up , looking at them, saying Roar. Then they began checking out the ice.  They touched it "cold" they moved it around . After a while they began picking at it with the hammer and other sand tools.  They scooped sand into the water . Then they mixed it up changing the color a bit.  They stacked everything into the middle of the table. Trotted the dinos through the water . Eventually they decided to try the iceberg dinos in the water. From there it didn't take them long to realize the warmer water helped to melt the ice.  

A great day of playing and learning. I loved all of the thought and play that happened with this dinosaur world.  You might also like to try our recipe for dinosaur eggs  or like to extend this activity with our dinosaur activity sheets and printables