Tuesday, July 5, 2011



Here is the fish CD craft I told you about last week.  Very easy.
Really you don't have to use the CD I did because I have a stack to make it more sturdy.

I cut a piece of orange craft foam into a circle and C glued it on to the CD.
I also cut out fins and helped C glue those on.
One wiggle eye. These are the wiggle eyes I was telling you about.  See the eye lashes.

I had planned on C painting the fins and rolling them adding glitter.  For whatever reason he has
suddenly became the very hurried painter and then throws it when he is done.  So, we are taking a break from that for a bit.

We started with markers but then I decide I had that huge thing of sprinkles I had bought at the after Easter sale.  I told you those would come in handy.  So I broke them out.  Add glue to our fish and gave him the shaker.  He loves shaking and, he loves the sugar and sprinkles too. 

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I Can Teach My Child

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